Western Hockey League completes 2022 WHL Prospects Draft

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Calgary, Alta. – The Western Hockey League completed the 2022 WHL Prospects Draft online today.

With the first-overall pick in the 2022 WHL Prospects Draft, the Medicine Hat Tigers used the selection to take forward Gavin McKenna (Whitehorse, Yukon / Rink Hockey Academy Kelowna, U18). Shortly after the selection of McKenna, the Tigers announced the No. 1 pick had signed a WHL Standard Player Agreement.

History was made in the 13th round of the 2022 WHL Prospects Draft, as the Vancouver Giants used the 268th overall selection to call the name of defender Chloe Primerano – the first woman skater selected in any Canadian Hockey League selection draft. Primerano (North Vancouver, B.C.) skated in 30 games with Burnaby Winter Club U15 Prep this past season, registering 19 points (2G-17A).

In total, 240 players were selected by WHL member Clubs, including 137 forwards, 78 defenders, and 25 goaltenders.

Alberta led all provincial branches with 83 players selected. A total of 70 players from B.C. / Yukon were chosen, with another 50 players coming from Saskatchewan. Manitoba saw 31 players selected. Thursday’s proceedings saw six players selected from the United States, following on the heels of 44 American-born players taken in the 2022 WHL U.S. Priority Draft on Wednesday.

The first three rounds of the 2022 WHL Prospects Draft featured 36 players selected from the Canadian Sports School Hockey League, comprising 54.5 per cent of the total selections in the first three rounds.

Players eligible for the 2022 WHL Prospects Draft were 2007-born players residing in Alberta, B.C., Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

CLICK HERE for a complete list of all players selected in the 2022 WHL Prospects Draft.

2022 WHL Prospects Draft Results – First Round

#1 – Medicine Hat Tigers
Name: Gavin McKenna                  Position: Forward             Hometown: Whitehorse, Yukon
Team: Rink Hockey Academy Kelowna U18 Prep                Stats: 35 GP – 23G-42A–65 points

#2 – Tri-City Americans
Name: Jackson Smith                   Position: Defence            Hometown: Calgary, Alta.
Team: Edge School U15 Prep                                                  Stats: 29 GP – 15G-23A–35 points

#3 – Victoria Royals
Name: Cole Reschny                     Position: Forward              Hometown: Macklin, Sask.
Team: Northern Alberta Xtreme U15 Prep                              Stats:251 GP – 40G-52A–92 points

#4 – Calgary Hitmen
Name: Reese Hamilton                 Position: Defence              Hometown: Whitewood, Sask.
Team: Northern Alberta Xtreme U15 Prep                              Stats: 27 GP – 12G-42A–54 points

#5 – Regina Pats
Name: Cole Temple                       Position: Forward             Hometown: Brandon, Man.
Team: Brandon Wheat Kings U15                                           Stats: 28 GP – 58G-50A–108 points

#6 – Swift Current Broncos
Name: Peyton Kettles                   Position: Defence              Hometown: Winnipeg, Man.
Team: Rink Hockey Academy Winnipeg U15 Prep                Stats: 30 GP – 9G-26A–35 points

#7 – Vancouver Giants
Name: Cameron Schmidt            Position: Forward             Hometown: Prince George, B.C.
Team: Rink Hockey Academy Kelowna U15                         Stats: 13 GP – 25G-16A–41 points

#8 – Spokane Chiefs
Name: Chase Harrington             Position: Forward             Hometown: Langley, B.C.
Team: Delta Hockey Academy U15 Prep                               Stats: 29 GP – 32G-18A–50 points

#9 – Prince George Cougars
Name: Lee Shurgot                        Position: Forward             Hometown: Saskatoon, Sask.
Team: Saskatoon Generals U15                                              Stats: 31 GP – 57G-43A–100 points

#10 – Seattle Thunderbirds
Name: Braeden Cootes                 Position: Forward             Hometown: Sherwood Park, Alta.
Team: Yale Hockey Academy U15                                          Stats: 30 GP – 29G-38A–67 points

#11 – Lethbridge Hurricanes
Name: William Sharpe                   Position: Defence             Hometown: Delta, B.C.
Team: Yale Hockey Academy U15 Prep                                 Stats: 21 GP – 19G-23A–42 points

#12 – Brandon Wheat Kings
Name: Joby Baumuller                  Position: Forward             Hometown: Wilcox, Sask.
Team: Notre Dame Hounds U15 Prep                                     Stats: 20 GP – 15G-11A–26 points

#13 – Kamloops Blazers
Name: Nathan Behm                      Position: Forward             Hometown: Calgary, Alta.
Team: Edge School U15 Prep                                                   Stats: 29 GP – 28G-29A–57 points

#14 – Moose Jaw Warriors
Name: Connor Schmidt                  Position: Defence            Hometown: Sturgeon County, Alta.
Team: Okanagan Hockey Academy U15 Prep                       Stats: 30 GP – 12G-20A–32 points

#15 – Prince Albert Raiders
Name: Luke Moroz                          Position: Forward            Hometown: Regina, Sask.
Team: Prairie Storm U15                                                           Stats: 27 GP – 47G-61A–108 points

#16 – Medicine Hat Tigers
Name: Hayden Harsanyi                 Position: Forward            Hometown: Calgary, Alta.
Team: Northern Alberta Xtreme U15 Prep                             Stats: 25 GP – 31G-36A–67 points

#17 – Red Deer Rebels
Name: Luke Vlooswyk                   Position: Defence             Hometown: Calgary, Alta.
Team: Calgary Bisons U15                                                       Stats: 33 GP – 8G-17A–25 points

#18 – Portland Winterhawks
Name: Graham Jones                    Position: Forward             Hometown: Winnipeg, Man.
Team: Rink Hockey Academy U15 Prep                                 Stats: 30 GP – 33G-48A–81 points

#19 – Vancouver Giants
Name: Aaron Obobaifo                  Position: Forward             Hometown: Calgary, Alta.
Team: Shattuck St. Mary’s Sabres 14U                                  Stats: 52 GP – 44G-47A–91 points

#20 – Everett Silvertips
Name: Julien Maze                        Position: Forward             Hometown: Edmonton, Alta.
Team: OHA Edmonton U15 Prep                                             Stats: 24 GP – 22G-24A–46 points

#21 – Saskatoon Blades
Name: Isaac Poll                            Position: Forward             Hometown: White City, Sask.
Team: Prairie Storm U15                                                          Stats: 26 GP – 10G-28A–38 points

#22 – Vancouver Giants
Name: Jakob Oreskovic                Position: Forward             Hometown: Langley, B.C.
Team: Delta Hockey Academy U15 Prep                               Stats: 28 GP – 19G-27A–46 points

Round Two

#23 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Kadon McCann, F, Cochrane, Alta.; #24 –Tri-City Americans: Cash Koch, F, Calgary, Alta.; #25 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Max Finley, F, Kelowna, B.C.; #26 – Swift Current Broncos: Jace McFaul, D, Edmonton, Alta.; #27 – Spokane Chiefs: Owen Martin, F, Oakbank, Man.; #28 – Prince George Cougars: Jett Lajoie, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #29 – Calgary Hitmen: Wyatt Pisarczyk, D, Airdrie, Alta.; #30 – Swift Current Broncos: Parker Rondeau, F, Swift Current, Sask.; #31 – Regina Pats: Corban Almen, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #32 – Prince Albert Raiders: Ryan Gower, D, McCreary, Man.; #33 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Kash Andresen, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #34 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Easton Odut, F, Brandon, Man.; #35 – Saskatoon Blades: Hudson Kibblewhite, F, Vernon, B.C.; #36 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Noah Degenstein, F, Airdrie, Alta.; #37 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Kaleb Hartmann, F, Langley, B.C.; #38 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Kazden Mathies, F, Martensville, Sask.; #39 – Red Deer Rebels: Matthew Gard, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #40 – Portland Winterhawks: Kyle McDonough, F, Langdon, Alta.; #41 – Saskatoon Blades: Jordan Martin, D, Abbotsford, B.C.; #42 – Swift Current Broncos: Ty Coupland, F, North Vancouver, B.C.; #43 – Calgary Hitmen: Benjamin Kindel, F, Coquitlam, B.C.; #44 – Calgary Hitmen: Sawyer Mayes, F, Salmon Arm, B.C.

Round Three

#45 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Matt Paranych, D, Edmonton, Alta.; #46 – Tri-City Americans: Savin Virk, F, Surrey, B.C.; #47 – Victoria Royals: Grant Reid, F, Surrey, B.C.; #48 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Koen Cleaver, G, Port Alberni, B.C.; #49 – Spokane Chiefs: Hayden Paupanekis, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #50 – Prince George Cougars: Leith Hunter, D, North Vancouver, B.C.; #51 – Calgary Hitmen: Hunter Aura, D, Kamloops, B.C.; #52 – Swift Current Broncos: Brennan Brown, F, Milestone, Sask.; #53 – Regina Pats: Brayden Smith, D, Saskatoon, Sask.; #54 – Vancouver Giants: Colton Alain, D, Victoria, B.C.; #55 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Carsen Adair, D, Clavet, Sask.; #56 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Emerson Clark, D, Saskatoon, Sask.; #57 – Kamloops Blazers: Jack Bakker, F, Surrey, B.C.; #58 – Spokane Chiefs: Matthew Lesyk, D, Wetaskiwin, Alta.; #59 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Jonah Tonhauser, G, Penticton, B.C.; #60 – Prince Albert Raiders: Oli Chenier, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #61 – Prince George Cougars: Aiden Foster, F, Lloydminster, Alta.; #62 – Saskatoon Blades: Lochlan Tetarenko, F, Bragg Creek, Alta.; #63 – Kamloops Blazers: Andrew Thomson, F, Sherwood Park, Alta.; #64 – Prince Albert Raiders: Dayce Derkatch, F, Regina, Sask.; #65 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Presley Kerner, F, Kelowna, B.C.; #66 – Portland Winterhawks: Ryan Miller, F, Medicine Hat, Alta.

Round Four

#67 – Spokane Chiefs: Adam Boatter; D, Maple Ridge, B.C.; #68 – Tri-City Americans: Leo Seitz, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #69 – Red Deer Rebels: Tate Dolinsky, D, Winnipeg, man; #70 – Saskatoon Blades: Brayden Klimpke, D, Calgary, Alta.; #71 – Spokane Chiefs: Owen Schoettler, D, Edmonton, Alta.; #72 – Saskatoon Blades: Maxx Hamelin, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #73 – Tri-City Americans: Ryan Grout, G, Sturgeon County, Alta.; #74 – Swift Current Broncos: Berney Weston, G, Gull Lake, Sask.; #75 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Luke Powell, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #76 – Prince Albert Raiders: Jaxon Herchak, D, Waldheim, Sask.; #77 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Hudson Gainer, D, Medicine Hat, Alta.; #78 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Gradey Hope, D, Kelowna, B.C.; #79 – Victoria Royals: Jerrett Ross, D, Leduc, Alta.; #80 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Landen McFadden, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #81 – Kelowna Rockets: Jaxon Kehrig, F, Tisdale, Sask.; #82 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Antonio Martorana, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #83 – Red Deer Rebels: Carter Cole, F, Edam, Sask.; #84 – Portland Winterhawks: Kayd Reudig, D, Humboldt, Sask.; #85 – Kamloops Blazers: Isa Guram, D, Burnaby, B.C.; #86 – Everett Silvertips: Corbin Sanderman, G, Three Hills, Alta., #87 – Tri-City Americans: Damian Kravcak, F, Delta, B.C.; #88 –Winniepg ICE: Ashton Brown, F, Sherwood Park, Alta.

Round Five

#89 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Jack Kachkowski, D, St. Albert, Alta.; #90 – Tri-City Americans: Jaxen Adam, D, Cochrane, Alta.; #91 – Victoria Royals: Caleb Matthews, F, Calgary, Alta.; #92 – Winnipeg ICE: Daniel Morozov, F, Port Coquitlam, B.C.; #93 – Spokane Chiefs: Trennen Redlick, F, St. Albert, Alta.; #94 – Prince George Cougars: Max Threinen, D, Langenburg, Sask.; #95 – Calgary Hitmen: Kale Dach, F, Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.; #96 – Spokane Chiefs: Parker Seymour, D, Fort McMurray, Alta.; #97 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Brady Turko, F, Brandon, Man.; #98 – Prince Albert Raiders: Liam Bursaw, F, Warman, Sask.; #99 – Calgary Hitmen: Parker MacDougall, F, Victoria, B.C.; #100 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Quinn Parker, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #101 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Koji Gibson, F, North Vancouver, B.C.; #102 – Regina Pats: Wyatt Stinton, F, Flin Flon, Man.; #103 – Kelowna Rockets: Nathan Kam, G, Burnaby, B.C.; #104 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Caleb Potter, D, Regina, Sask.; #105 – Red Deer Rebels: Reece Gault, D, Oakbank, Man.; #106 – Portland Winterhawks: Luke Myhre, F, Dauphin, Man.; #107 – Kamloops Blazers: Zachary Pantelakis, F, North Vancouver, B.C.; #108 – Everett Silvertips: Ethan Makokis, D, St. Albert, Alta.; #109 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Eliot Compton, F, Victoria, B.C.; #110 – Winnipeg ICE: Owen Brees, D, Lethbridge, Alta.

Round Six

#111 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Jordan Switzer, G, Edmonton, Alta.; #112 – Tri-City Americans: Kainoah Brankovic, D, Port Coquitlam, B.C.; #113 – Portland Winterhawks: Callum Stone, D, Kelowna, B.C.; #114 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Cohen Carter, D, Drayton Valley, Alta.; #115 – Spokane Chiefs: Finn Kallay, F, St. Albert, Alta.; #116 – Prince George Cougars: Brady Holtvogt, G, Humboldt, Sask.; #117 – Calgary Hitmen: Connor Bear, F, Whitewood, Sask.; #118 – Swift Current Broncos: Levi Benson, F, Rosedale, B.C.; #119 – Vancouver Giants: Burke Hood, G, Brandon, Man.; #120 – Prince Albert Raiders: Ethan Bibeau, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #121 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Shea Busch, F, North Vancouver, B.C.; #122 – Kelowna Rockets: Lachlan Staniforth, D, Abbotsford, B.C.; #123 – Victoria Royals: Wyatt Danyleyko, F, Sooke, B.C.; #124 – Everett Silvertips: Kaeson Fisher, D, Brandon, Man.; #125 – Kelowna Rockets: Jonah Pinel, F, Balgonie, Sask.; #126 – Prince Albert Raiders: Noah Smith, D, Brooks, Alta.; #127 – Red Deer Rebels: Taylor Tabashniuk, G, Regina, Sask.; #128 – Portland Winterhawks: Simon Garchinski, D, Martensville, Sask; #129 – Saskatoon Blades: Rylan Hue, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #130 – Everett Silvertips: Lukas Kaplan, F, Spruce Grove, Alta.; #131 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Caleb Gartner, D, Calgary, Alta.; #132 – Winnipeg ICE: Jace Egland, F, Eastend, Sask.

Round Seven

#133 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Brody Green, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #134 – Kelowna Rockets: Rhett Serfas, D, Turin, Alta.; #135 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Kyle Heger, D, Eagan, Minn.; #136 – Regina Pats: Cruz Chase, G, Airdrie, Alta.; #137 – Saskatoon Blades: Dayton Deschamps, D, Saskatoon, Sask.; #138 – Prince George Cougars: Kieran Thibault, D, Kamloops, B.C.; #139 – Calgary Hitmen: Wyatt Blace, F, Cowichan Valley, B.C..; #140 – Swift Current Broncos: Jaxen Gauchier, F, High Prairie, Alta.; #141 – Regina Pats: Samuel Laplante, D, Okotoks, Alta.; #142: Prince Albert Raiders: Will Shepard, F, West Vancouver, B.C.; #143 – Victoria Royals: Dylan Ruff, F, Sylvan Lake, Alta.; #144 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Dominic Grieco, F, Lethbridge, Alta.; #145 – Prince George Cougars: Mitchell DeCoste, D, Airdrie, Alta.; #146 – Kamloops Blazers: Teigan Semchyshen, D, Warman, Sask..; #147 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Gage Nagel, F, Swift Current, Sask.; #148 – Red Deer Rebels: Steven Steranka, F, Regina, Sask.; #149 – Saskatoon Blades: Tyler Deakos, F, Cochrane, Alta.; #150 – Prince George Cougars: Rowan McDonald, F, Spruce Grove, Alta.; #151 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Coltan White, F, Surrey, B.C.; #152 – Vancouver Giants: Liam Magnuson, D, Calgary, Alta; #153 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Ryan Ulmer, F, Regina, Sask.; #154 – Winnipeg ICE: Christian Stephanson, F, Calgary, Alta.

Round Eight

#155 – Everett Silvertips: Remy Hlady, F, Tyndall, Man.; #156 – Tri-City Americans: Clayton Gillmore, F, West Kelowna, B.C.; #157 – Victoria Royals: Ethan Watkins, F, Calgary, Alta; #158 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Ryder Green, G, Prince George, B.C.; #159 – Spokane Chiefs: Ashton Beriana, R, Port Coquitlam, B.C.; #160 – Prince George Cougars: Logan Flint, F, Cranbrook, B.C.; #161 – Calgary Hitmen: Austin Kindrat, G, Winnipeg, Man.; #162 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Austin Wentz, F, Bonnyville, Alta; #163 – Regina Pats: Owen Nelson, F, Prince Albert, Sask.; #164 – Prince Albert Raiders: Mikey Thomas, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #165 – Winnipeg ICE: Ayden Collins, D, Winnipeg, Man.; #166 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Tao Flory, D, Saskatoon, Sask.; #167 – Saskatoon Blades: Hudson Roberge, D, West Kelowna, B.C.; #168 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Preston Baerwald, F, Corman Park, Sask.; #169 – Kelowna Rockets: Jaxen Smyth, F, Red Deer, Alta.; #170 – Victoria Royals: Will Whitter, F, Prince Albert, Sask.; #171 – Red Deer Rebels: Matthew Kondro, G, St. Albert, Alta.; #172 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Liam Loughery, D, Pitt Meadows, B.C.; #173 – Kamloops Blazers: Logan Edmonstone, G, Saskatoon, Sask.; #174 – Kamloops Blazers: Tommy Lafreniere, F, Hornby Island, B.C.; #175 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Jordan Ramsay, F, Victoria, B.C.; #176 – Winnipeg ICE: Hudson Landmark, F, Sherwood Park, Alta.

Round Nine

#177 – Everett Silvertips: Connor Wolitski, D, Spruce Grove, Alta.; #178 – Spokane Chiefs: Sam Saskiw, G, Sherwood Park, Alta.; #179 – Victoria Royals: Wyatt Bouvier, G, Saskatoon, Sask.; #180 – Vancouver Giants: Simon Ward, F, Burnaby, B.C.; #181 – Spokane Chiefs: Dane Pyatt, F, Langley, B.C.; #182 – Everett Silvertips: Gino Cotroneo, F, Winnipeg, Man.; #183 – Kelowna Rockets: Jake DeMone, D, Lethbridge, Alta.; #184 – Swift Current Broncos: Brennen Hocher, D, Calgary, Alta.; #185 – Regina Pats: Kelsen Podworny, F, Onoway, Alta.; #186 – Red Deer Rebels: Cole Connolly, F, Beaumont, Alta.; #187 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Roghan Walker, F, Beaverlodge, Alta.; #188 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Brendyn Van Oene, F, Shawnigan Lake, B.C.; #189 – Victoria Royals: Morgan Hackman, F, Vernon, B.C.; #190 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Jonah Vanderhorst, D, Winnipeg, Man.; #191 – Kelowna Rockets: Logan Mehl, F, Regina, Sask.; #192 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Samuel Charko, F, Whitecourt, Alta.; #193 – Red Deer Rebels: Jovan Sandhu, F, Surrey, B.C.; #194 – Portland Winterhawks: Trevor Oishi, D, West Vancouver, B.C.; #195 – Kamloops Blazers: Nicholas Morin, D, Coquitlam, B.C.; #196 – Kelowna Rockets: Kyler Beechinor, D, Bentley, Alta.; #197 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Elijah Hanson, G, West Kelowna, B.C.; #198 – Winnipeg ICE: Jaden Kokosha, F, Ardrossan, Alta.

Round 10

#199 – Medicine Hat Tigers: Pass.; #200 – Tri-City Americans: Chayse Johnson, G, Trail, B.C.; #201 – Victoria Royals: Pass; #202 – Vancouver Giants: Matson Waring, D, North Vancouver, B.C.; #203 – Spokane Chiefs: Jack Bousquet, F, Dallas, Texas.; #204 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Zachary Larmour, D, Edmonton, Alta.; #205 – Kelowna Rockets: Eric Han, F, Regina, Sask.; #206 – Swift Current Broncos: Wesley Olson, F, Chaplin, Sask.; #207 – Regina Pats: Pass; #208 – Prince Albert Raiders: Cooper Anderson, G, Sidney, B.C.; #209 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Nate Crashley, F, Calgary, Alta.; #210 – Brandon Wheat Kings: Pass; #211 – Saskatoon Blades: Malakai Zwiers, G, Lloydminster, Alta.; #212 – Moose Jaw Warriors: Pass; #213 – Kelowna Rockets: Jasper Fellbaum, F, Courtenay, B.C.; #214 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Brayden Holberton, F, Sparwood, B.C.; #215 – Red Deer Rebels: Pass; #216 – Portland Winterhawks: Tyce Penrod, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #217 – Kamloops Blazers: Tyson Moss, D, Port Moody, B.C.; #218 – Everett Silvertips: Charles Menard, G, Fairbanks, Alaska.; 219 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Jager Gugyelka, D, Coaldale, Alta.; 220 – Winnipeg ICE: Cruz Klapak, F, Pilot Butte, Sask.

Round 11

#222 – Tri-City Americans: Sean Shiels, F, Saskatoon, Sask.; #224 – Vancouver Giants: Cade Bolding, D, Sherwood Park, Alta.; #225 – Spokane Chiefs: Pass; #226 – Prince George Cougars: Pass; #227 – Kelowna Rockets: Carson Croteau, D, Bonnyville, Alta.; #228 – Swift Current Broncos: Jack Clark, F, Wawanesa, Man.; #230 – Prince Albert Raiders: Hubert Clarke, D, Winnipeg, Man. #231 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Cole Fisher, F, Dunmore, Alta.; #233 – Saskatoon Blades: Colten Worthington, F, Brandon, Man.; #235 – Kelowna Rockets: Pass; #236 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Colten Scott, G, Calgary, Alta.; #238 – Portland Winterhawks: Griffin Brown, D, San Jose, Calif.; #239 – Kamloops Blazers: Hunter Yanick, F, Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.; #240 – Everett Silvertips: Pass; #241 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Owen Mastroianni, F, Golden, B.C.; #242 – Winnipeg ICE: Logan Murray, F, Kimberley, B.C.

Round 12

#244 – Tri-City Americans: Pass; #246 – Vancouver Giants: Markus Lam, F, Vancouver, B.C.; #249 – Calgary Hitmen: Pass; #250 – Swift Current Broncos: Pass; #252 – Prince Albert Raiders: Braden Bogardus, F, Houston, Texas; #253 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Kaden Woodcox, D, West Kelowna, B.C.; #255 – Saskatoon Blades: Pass; #258 –Seattle Thunderbirds: Jaxson Pawlenchuk, D, Ardrossan, Alta.; #260 – Portland Winterhawks: Mario Fate, F, Omaha, Neb.; #261 – Kamloops Blazers: Evan Cook, F, Surrey, B.C.; #263 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Jack Toogood, F, Devon, Alta.; #264 – Winnipeg ICE: Justin Perreault, G, Winnipeg, Man.

Round 13

#268 – Vancouver Giants: Chloe Primerano, D, North Vancouver, B.C.; #274 – Prince Albert Raiders: Pass; #275 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Lucas Hvidston, F, Tisdale, Sask.; #280 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Brett Woodard, D, Langley, B.C.; #282 – Portland Winterhawks: Pass; #283 – Kamloops Blazers: Pass; #285 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Ashton Lee, F, Edmonton, Alta.; #286 – Winnipeg ICE: Griffin Wright, G, Edmonton, Alta.

Round 14

#290 – Vancouver Giants: Pass; #297 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Rhett Vedress, D, Annaheim, Sask.; #302 – Seattle Thunderbirds: Pass; #307 – Edmonton Oil Kings: Pass.; #308– Winnipeg ICE: Pass.

Round 15
#319 – Lethbridge Hurricanes: Pass.

About the Western Hockey League
Regarded as the world’s finest development league for junior hockey players, the Western Hockey League (WHL) head office is based in Calgary, Alberta. The WHL consists of 22 member Clubs with 17 located in Western Canada and five in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. A member of the Canadian Hockey League, the WHL has been a leading supplier of talent for the National Hockey League for over 50 years. The WHL is also the leading provider of hockey scholarships with over 375 graduates each year receiving WHL Scholarships to pursue a post-secondary education of their choice. Each season, WHL players also form the nucleus of Canada’s National Junior Hockey Team.

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